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 TASC Preparation

A Complete Preparation Program for the

High School Equivalency Examination


What is the TASC?

The NEW High School Equivalency test (TASC-Test Assessing Secondary Completion) in New York. Successful completion of the NEW High School Equivalency test (reading, writing, social studies, science, and math) earns a TASC certificate. The TASC certificate acts as an equivalent of a high school education and is usually accepted in place of a diploma.

What TASC Preparation?

The TASC Preparation program prepares adult students 17 and older to take the TASC exam. In these classes students review reading, math, grammar, writing, and test-taking. TASC students generally have between 8th and 12th grade-level skills.

TASC Preparation

 Preparation Course for Language Arts, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.


Prepare for the TASC Language Arts, Writing Test

 Master the skills required to successfully prepare for the Language Arts and Writing test

Prepare for the Math Section

 Master the skills required to successfully pass the Math Section series


Are you eligible to take the The NEW High School Equivalency test (TASC-Test Assessing Secondary Completion) in New York?

  Prepare for the test.

 Persons 18 years of age and older must:

 Submit a completed application,

 Not have graduated from high school or already earned a local or Regents High School Diploma,

 Be a resident of New York State for at least one month prior to the day of testing,

 and Wait two months before retesting and take a different form of the test each time.


Please check your city/state education policies. If you have any questions email us.









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